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Statistics briefs MPs on mid-term housing census

February 19, 2021

By Jariatu S. Jusu

Senior officials from Statistics Sierra Leone have briefed Members of the Development and Planning Committee on the forth coming  mid-term housing and population census and to also secure the willingness of all parliamentarians to participate in the process at all times.

Statistician General, Prof. Osman Sankoh, started off by  apologizing for not showing up the last time because they  were in the provinces.

“It a pity that lot of things we had planned for the involvement of the committee could not be materialized and that was why things became slow. We only had to do the sensitization with the little resources we had since we wanted to meet up to our target,” he said.

He said MPs were not informed about the district sensitization but noted that such was not intentional because they had to move things faster to meet deadline.

“We are sorry for not informing you. We would have informed you through the clerk.”

Deputy Statistician General, Andrew Bob Johnny, said the 2021 Mid-Term Population and Housing Census (2021 MTPHC) will be a total count of the population in-between two primary censuses; taking into consideration that a national census was conducted in 2015 and the next primary census is due in 2025.

He said the statistical indicators derived from the 2021 Mid-Term Population and Housing Census are expected to show progress made, and challenges to be addressed in the overall development of the country since the last census in 2015.

He noted that the 2021 mid-term census will generate credible population and housing data midway between the primary census of 2015 and the primary census of 2025; to address any identified challenges of the census in 2015 and rehearse for the census in 2025. He said the exercise will also help the country to update base maps and delineate enumeration areas.

The deputy statistician general stated that the advantages will include provision of credible population and housing data for the country, covering all enumeration areas and locality types.

“It will also help to update base maps of Sierra Leone providing a credible sampling frame for intra-censual activities,” he said.

He said they intend for MPs to find ways to have a serious talk, involved in the sharing of IEC material within the communities, secure the willingness of all MPs to know what was happening and propagate the initiative.

He said the census will last for a period of six weeks depending on the large number of people they will have since it will not be like the bigger one.

He said the recruitment of enumerators will kick off next week, but the advertisement will be done in various media outlets.

Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Musa Fofanah, said they are eager to working with statistics even though they were left out in the first process.

Some MPs had to call upon the committee to express concerns for not informing them. We want to be part and want to help our constituents. We don’t want to see wherein people will call to complain about the process,” he said. 

Hon. Yamba Koroma said the meeting was not to criticize but to collaborate with Statistics Sierra Leone since they would be embarking on activities necessary and beneficial to the people of the country. 

Hon. Peter Yamba Koroma admonished that they be sincere in the activities because MPs will help in what they are about to do.

Hon. Rugiatu Rosaline Kanu questioned on how will they be assured of not using political lens or be influenced on ‘Orders from above’ especially in opposition constituencies in the area of recruitment of enumerators?

Hon. Sahr E. Juana commended the move made by SSL, even though World Bank didn’t give them the support on time but noted that they should ensure that they do the right thing to include all MPs and  ensure a transparent census.

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