State House, Energy Ministry review electricity Act to tackle theft


By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Deputy Minister of Energy 1, Dr. Eldred Tunde Taylor, has revealed that the Ministry of Energy, in collaboration with State House, is undertaking a review of the 2011 Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) Act.

The revised Act aims to impose harsher penalties and special punishments for offenses related to electricity, including theft, meter bypassing, and direct connections.

Dr. Taylor made this announcement during last Tuesday’s Government weekly press conference, hosted by the Minister of Information and Civic Education.

He emphasized that EDSA incurs significant losses due to non-payment of electricity bills by citizens, particularly in the domestic sector, which constitutes 90% of EDSA’s customer base.

Highlighting the importance of addressing electricity theft, Dr. Taylor mentioned ongoing efforts to upgrade the Bumbuna Hydro facility with two additional turbines, aimed at increasing electricity supply to Freetown.

Additionally, he noted engagements with private partners to enhance energy generation capacity.

Chief Minister Dr. David Sengeh, also speaking at the press conference, emphasized that solving the electricity problem is a collective responsibility.

He acknowledged the government’s investments in the energy sector, including network expansion, procurement of new cables and transformers, and signing projects to increase megawatt capacity.

Dr. Sengeh highlighted recent electrification efforts in various communities across Sierra Leone, stressing the transformative impact on education and quality of life.

He underscored the need for infrastructure upgrades to accommodate increased electricity supply and called for citizens’ responsibility in curbing electricity theft.

Moreover, Dr. Sengeh emphasized the necessity for reforms within EDSA, acknowledging internal challenges such as illegal connections by some employees.

He stressed the government’s commitment to addressing these issues and ensuring sustainable electricity provision for all citizens.


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