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Stab victim adjudged to be ‘Ebola victim’

OCTOBER 2, 2014 By Matthew Jabby

There is a seeming disagreement between the family of one Saidu Kargbo a.k.a. Compo, who was allegedly stabbed and subsequently died at the Connaught Hospital in Freetown, and the hospital’s authorities over whether the cause of death was as a result of a fatal stab or the dreaded Ebola virus.

According to Abdulai Kamara, the deceased, 23, was stabbed by one Taimu Kanja on 12 May at 10 Hardwick Street, off Krootown Road in Freetown.

He told this reporter that the deceased was rushed to the Connaught Hospital where he was issued a medical certificate by Dr. Rashida Kamara – the Police medico. He said the deceased was admitted at the Connaught Hospital for several days before he was discharged.

However, after three months, he said the deceased started feeling pains and was again taken to Connaught Hospital, where he was hospitalized for four days before he died on 18 September.

Kamara said the remains of the late man was taken to the Connaught mortuary for postmortem and later given to the family for burial, before the clerk of the mortuary, Samuel Sesay, belatedly requested them to return the corpse.

He said the hospital’s authorities decided to conduct an Ebola test on the corpse, and that the man’s remains have been held at the mortuary with the result of the test not made known to them.

“We want the body to be given to us because our brother didn’t die of Ebola,” Kamara said. “If Saidu actually died of Ebola they should have quarantined the Connaught mortuary and the hospital itself.”

Meanwhile, Corona Technician at the mortuary, Sinneh Koroma, said Ebola victims are not kept at the mortuary, thus further leaving the bereaved family thinking whether their son may have been secretly buried at an unmarked grave as an Ebola victim.

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