Sports ministry issues eviction notice to stadium occupants


November 11, 2016  By Andrew Ngebuva (Intern)

The Minister of Sports, Ahmed Kanu, yesterday disclosed at the Ministry of Information and Communications weekly press briefing that all occupants, including government ministries and agencies, at the National Stadium have been notified to quit by 15th December ahead of commencement of renovation work.

Minister Kanu said containers loaded with renovation material have been shipped from China to Sierra Leone, adding that government was taking proactive action to issue notices to all occupants, to prevent any accident or injury.

“I have issued out notices to all occupants of the stadium that they should quit the premises before December 15. Modalities are currently being put in place for the National Youth Commission to be relocated,” he said.

He said they have engaged the Sports Director and other stakeholders, so that government ministries and agencies could relocate to other locations of convenience.

He told journalists that the facility has dilapidated and needed to be renovated to meet international standards, adding that the car park, swimming pool, and the main field would be closed down to allow the renovation work.

Minister Khanou disclosed that the parcel of land situated next to the stadium would be used for outdoor games, emphasising that the stadium had been overused.

He added that the hostel would also be renovated to save government from paying hotel bills whenever the country hosts international matches.