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SpiceJet crew members under investigation after severe turbulence injures passengers

(CNN) — Indian low-cost airline SpiceJet is under government scrutiny following an incident in which a plane’s autopilot malfunctioned, causing severe turbulence and multiple onboard injuries.

The country’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is looking into what happened on SpiceJet flight 945, which was traveling from Mumbai to Durgapur, West Bengal, on May 1.

CNN affiliate News18 reports that the autopilot function on the B737-800 aircraft stopped working for two minutes mid-flight, resulting in the crew manually flying the plane until it recovered.

As a result, the aircraft experienced dramatic turbulence, which caused some overhead bins to open, items to spill out across the plane and emergency oxygen masks to drop. Fifteen people — 12 passengers and three crew members — were hospitalized after the plane landed at Durgapur’s Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport (RDP).

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