Specialist says cataract blindness can be treated


January 13, 2022

By Kweku Nelson

Cataract Surgeon at Connaught Hospital Eye Clinic, Dr. Sheku Alhaji Koroma, told Concord Times that blindness caused by eye cataract can be treated through surgical operation in order for the affected to regain its normal sight.

According to Surgeon Sheku Koroma, when cataracts seriously affect the eye, it causes automatic blindness, which can be reversed.

“We can operate the eye and you can see again and the surgical operation takes less than twenty minutes,’’ he said.

The surgeon noted that the misconceptions about cataract treatment and cost have led many with severe eye cataract to opt for non-prescribed medications, and thereafter suffer from further eye damage or permanent blindness.

 He assured that treatment cost is less expensive when compared with the irreplaceable functions that the eye performs. 

“The human eye is among the delicate structures of the body and without the eye, living can be difficult. So, when you compare the eye’s function as against the cost of surgical operation, I would say it is cheap. The surgery costs $50 or less.’’

Just like myopia, people of varying age groups are prone to eye cataract due to eye injury, diabetes, complications from eye problem or injection.  But Surgeon Sheku Koroma stressed that myopia differs from eye cataract. He explained that cataract locally called ‘’jay-gay’’ is a small thin layer that grows in the eye affecting the lens and it is the leading cause of blindness globally, whiles myopia is short sighted vision that can be remedy with prescribed glasses after screening.

Hence, he warned that applying non-prescribed medications to the eye is a harmful practice that can damage eye tissues. Therefore, he recommended that regular eye check as an important step toward maintaining a sound vision.