Special Court to prosecute alleged corrupt officials


July 24, 2018

By Ibrahim Tarawallie  

Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has disclosed that a special court dedicated solely to hear and determine corruption cases will soon be empanelled.

According to Francis Ben Kaifala, the court will be housed at the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone building at Jomo-Kenyatta Road in Freetown.

“The court will be housed in the Special Court building. The judiciary has identified a judge of serious integrity to sit in that court. We don’t’ want to wait for corruption to happen before we get into it as a commission,” he said.

The new firebrand ACC czar also spoke about their intension to expand the prosecutorial powers of the commission so that the prosecution is fit and prepared to carry out their duties in ensuring that people indicted for corruption and corrupt practices do not go free.

Commissioner Kaifala noted that prosecution accounts for 20% of their work as an anti-graft agency as they only go to court to set example and bolster their preventive work.

“The vision of the ACC is that we want a transformative story of Sierra Leone headed by those who administered institutions of state to perform in a way that does not continue to project the image in a bad way. We want to change those indices that made this country to lie at the bottom and present us as the forgotten part of the world,” he noted.

According to the ACC Commissioner, it should not be in the personal interest of public and private officials for the commission to have interest in them on corruption related activities.

He opined that an accusation of corruption is also as bad as being found guilty for corruption itself because it injures ones reputation, vision and aspiration.