Speaker warns: Seven more sittings for APC MPs


By Jariatu S. Bangura

The Presiding Speaker of the Sixth Parliament, Dr. Abass C. Bundu, has warned that it remains seven more sittings for the 52 All People’s Congress Members of Parliament-elect to take their seats in parliament or risk losing them.

While addressing members yesterday, October 11th, the Speaker said he was hoping to welcome both the ruling and opposition Members of Parliament, but noted that it was better late than never and that he hoped to see APC MPs spar on issues in the Well as before.

The Speaker noted that he understood the aggrieved colleagues are on their way, albeit on a snail pace.

“This sitting today would be the twenty- third sittings of the Sixth Parliament, which means that we have seven more sittings to go for the date of closure. So, I am ready to welcome the absentee MPs, provided the time they that will be consistent with the law. But, if they fall short of the law, they will have themselves to blame. This is the third and final that I am asking them to come,” he reiterated.

He said his arms are still widely stretched to welcome them heartily whenever they show up in Parliament.

“Let them remember that the invitation is not open-ended. This is a House of the law, we make the law and we must be the first to respect it for others to follow. The sanctity of the law must be followed,” he noted.

He called on the Acting Opposition Leader, Hon. Mohamed Bangura, to covey his message and plead with his colleagues that the Speaker was yearning to see them take their seats.

“But time is running out and there will be no room for compromise when it would be too late for them.”

Hon. Bangura told the Speaker that he understood they were currently engaging with the government, with consultation ongoing and hoped that his colleagues will show up before the end of the week.


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