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Space council: Harris condemns Russian test of anti-satellite weapon at Biden administration’s first meeting

The National Space Council was resurrected during the Trump administration to streamline and synchronize space priorities and policies across the federal government, and it was retained by the Biden administration.

Space has proved to be one of the few areas where the Biden administration has maintained most of the policies of the previous administration — from supporting the Space Force to NASA’s new Artemis program, which aims to return American astronauts to the moon by the middle of this decade.
At Wednesday’s meeting, Harris applauded the Artemis Accords and said the US government must work to expand the number of signatories. Thirteen nations have signed on, and Harris says France and Mexico have indicated they will bring that number up to 15. The United States’ two greatest adversaries in space — China and Russia — have not signed on to the accords.

The Artemis Accords are…

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