SOS continues to support quarantine homes


March 11, 2015 By Regina Pratt

The Social Organisation Society (SOS) continues its support to quarantine homes in the Western Area when on Sunday, 8 March the charity gave support to 40 families and 160 children in the Mabella community, in the form of food and non-food items.

Receiving the items on behalf of the community, Western Area Urban Surge District Coordinator, Ibrahim Sobonikeh Sesay, thanked SOS for their support towards children in slum and deprived communities.

Chairman for Constituency 105, where the Mabella community is located, Alhaji Gibrill Bangura, thanked SOS saying the support was necessary at a crucial time in the country’s history.

He cautioned recipient families to use the support for the intended purpose and not to sell them in the market, adding that they will monitor the distribution and use of the items.

He appealed to SOS to award scholarships to children, those who are orphans, in the post-Ebola era.

Councillor Abu Asif Kanu, a resident of Mabella, said they were grateful to SOS and appreciated the risk taken to come to Mabella, declared by government as an Ebola hotspot.
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He said as a deprived community, it was his prayer that they slum community would not record any case of Ebola again as residents are now aware of the dangers of Ebola in the community. He appealed for more support for those who did not benefit from this current SOS support.

SOS’s Benoni Williams, who is Interim Emergency Response Coordinator, said his organisation works with the Western Area Urban Surge district coordinator to provide support to quarantine homes passed as qualified during the survey.

He informed the residents that the support was made possible by Hermann Gmneiner in Austria, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany and Conrad Hilton in the USA.

He promised that SOS would continue to provide support to children in affected communities even during post-Ebola.