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Sorie Town Community outraged by persistent power outage

June 3, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani                                                                                                    

Members of the Sorie town Community have expressed serious concern over the persistent power outage and low voltage  in the community.

Sorie Town is the closest neighbour to  Sumalia Town and Lercester Road communities. The community could easily be accessible through Jomo Kenyatta Road, back of Faith Healing Bible Church (Pastor Mambu).

Fanta Koroma, resident of Sorie Town Community, who is a single mother of five, cried out loudly about the serious economic damage the power shortage has caused her, stating that her family livelihood has been put at stake by the persistent power outage.

“My entire livelihood depends on electricity supply because I have two freezers which I use to refrigerate water and different kinds of drinks for sale from which I pay my rent, feed my five kids, and address every other financial matter for my kids and myself. This continuous blackout is killing me slowly,” she narrated.

Fanta said since the power outage began one month ago, she had lost more than a million Leones as a profit in her business, adding that there are other devastating consequences she and her children are facing as a result of the ‘blackout’ in the area.

She stated that her children’s performances are dropping in school because they no longer study at night because of the power outage.

“Within the week we get power supply once or twice and the power supply can hardly ignite our freezers even when we use stabilizers,” she lamented.

Thomas Munda also lamented over the continuous power outage, which he regarded as crisis for them in the area.

He said the epileptic and low voltage power supply was also causing serious water shortage for the community people.

He further explains that the only source of water supply in the community which was provided for them by Concern Sierra Leone, is powered by electricity.

“Power outage is tantamount to water shortage in our community. President Bio’s claim of generating sufficient electricity supply in Freetown is very confusing because the opposite is happening to us in this community,” he cried.

Members of the community explained that their community is now divided into three zones where each zone enjoys two days interrupted and low voltage power supply and four days blackout.

Isatu Kamara said herself and other members of the community had inter alia questioned some community workers of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) as to what was responsible for the power crisis in their area? She said they were told that their high tension cables are worn out, couple with their transformer being unable to supply the area because of the extension of electricity supply in newly constructed homes.

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