Social Workers Trained on Psychosocial Support


By: Abubakarr Tarawally

Social Work Sierra Leone has ended its two-day Workshop and Training exercises on Forgiveness, Gratitude  and Appreciation(FGA)which is a tool used to help and emancipate people who are experiencing  crisis, some social difficulties and need Psychosocial support in society.

During an interview with Concord Times on Friday, at John Bosco Hall in Freetown, the Founder and National Coordinator of Social Work Sierra Leone, Hassan Koroma, explained the significant of the training that it is part of the Organisation’s mandate to support the professional development of Social Workers and the capacity building for Social Work in the country.

Koroma disclosed that the training was designed by the Lemoniest Fund Organisation based in USA, that aims to train Social Workers to have the Practical tools, which can be very effective for Psychosocial support that they can use, especially when dealing with social issues that are associated with Stress, Trauma, and difficulties among others.

The founder sheds light on the Organisation’s goal which is to strengthen the Social Force in the country, which is against that backdrop that they are training 30 Social Workers that can be added to the existing workforce that they already have. He assured that with the right skillset, Knowledge, and Practice, for appropriate, authentic and the right Social tools that can be shared with Social Workers so that they can help in a better way.

Koroma emphasised that as an Organisation, they are expecting the trainees to embrace the tools and make it part of them, nothing that as a social Worker, for every Social Worker, you are expected to become a social Worker for another person, which is to help other people that are going through difficult  conditions.

Koroma pointed out that there are a lot Social Issues the country is going through-the issue of Poverty, the issue of Drug abuse, the issues of Child abuse among others. He however stated that Social Workers can use these tools, to utilize so that they can see the tools as workable tools, which can help the country and the world at large.

‘’we are training 30 Social Workers that can be added to the existing Workforce that we already have, especially the Ministry of Social Welfare, to support them in the fight to address the issue of drug addictions in the country’ ’he pointed’ ’the there is another part of the expectation addressing the issue of kids who are facing distress in Schools and the communities, Social Workers can be utilized in helping address those in those areas’’

Koroman assured that they are asking the government to see the relevance of their Organisation, and they are looking forward to collaborating  with partner, especially the Ministry of Social Welfare, since their Organisation require support in strength in their activities because the government can do more, to help  some of the challenges.

Speaking about the significant of the training, a participant Lansonette Isata Sesay narrated that the training has been very impactful to her, through which she was able to grasp the power of team work and the power of Perception that as a person one should learn to appreciate the power of another person. She called on people that stereotype, stigmatizing should not pull people down because they are strong more than they could imagined and people should believe in themselves so that the country can be a better place.

Another participant Alpha Kamara shared his experience that through the training he has been able to identify the power forgiveness and how you can learn to associates with other people and know what they are going through and how they can solve them. He said a lot of people have problem but they don’t have people to share their problems with, promising that he will put into practice what he has learnt from University and from the training.


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