Social Welfare Ministry: No holding center for child protection management in kenema


By Jariatu S. Bangura

The 2021 Auditor General’s report has revealed that the Ministry of Social Welfare in Kenema district does not have a holding centre in the entire district for the safe custody of absconded and lost and found children, including children in conflict with the Law.

The report reveals that though the Ministry has acquired a piece of land for constructing a remand home and holding centre for children, no funding was made available for the implementation of the construction work. 

The report further indicates that auditors observed poor collaboration and coordination between the Ministry and the Commission for Persons with Disabilities Unit in the Ministry.

Thus, they recommended that the Senior Social Disability Officer and the Ministry should ensure compliance with the Act.

Auditors also recommended that the Deputy Director in collaboration with the Ministry, local councils and interested non-governmental organisations, put modalities in place that will ensure the provision of a safe holding Centre for children.

They also recommended the Ministry to work with development partners to ensure that a holding centre is constructed within the district.

The Deputy Director in his official response stated that the issue was noted, and going forward, management will inform the headquarters of the significant point raised in the welfare and management of the children.


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