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Small-Bo Foundation Donates 100 Bags cement to reconstruct Community Center

June 22, 2021

By Alhaji H. San

The Small-BO Development Foundation has donated 100 bags of cement to the paramount chief of Small-BO Chiefdom, Mohamed Kongosuleh Fakoimala Dhaffie Benya the fifth, in order to reconstruct community center that was recently destroyed by a heavy storm.

The donation ceremony took place at the London Court Barry, Fallay Section, Blama town, Small-Bo Chiefdom where the membership donated the said bags of cement.

In his opening statement, the Chiefdom Counsellor, Ishmael Mundagugba Koroma, thanked PC Benya for maintaining 19 years of peace in the Chiefdom, which according to him, was the longest peace period in the chiefdom.

“Small -Bo Chiefdom was known for political fights, families killing each other, people named and categorized as strangers. But, under your leadership as Paramount Chief, we have gone 19 years and still enjoying the peace of your leadership,” he stated”.

Delivering his keynote address, Paramount Chief Dhaffie Benya reaffirmed his commitment in leading the Chiefdom to the best of his ability, maintaining that despite all odds he will continue to maintain peace and stability in the chiefdom.

PC Benya thanked the group and encourages them to be together irrespective of their political ideologies, stating that Small- Bo must always come first. He urged his subjects to continue adhering to the Covid-19 prevention measures, especially the use of facemask in public.

“Myself, the councilor, and our honorable member of parliament are in touch with other government officials concerned to strengthen measures and form a stiff resistance against Corona Virus in our Chiefdom,” he said.

Secretary General of the Foundation, Emmanuel Membui, on behalf of the Foundation, thanked the Paramount Chief and other stakeholders present for welcoming them with great alacrity.

Membui reminded all and sundry about the 1948 political turmoil in Blama, were a sitting Paramount Chief, PC James Jombo, relinquished his position and handed over his staff because of political fights that soared into destruction of lives and huge properties. He said today, the sons’ and daughters have decided not to follow the footprints of their ancestors.

He concluded that the Chiefdom now remains peaceful; with young and insightful generation ready to rebrand it name “Blama Kotarya” as was in the 60s.

Giving a brief background of the Foundation, Executive Chairman,AIK Mustapha said their mission as a group is to see Small-Bo develop under one umbrella, hence  the donation of the bags  of cement.

He said Blama Community center is a communal building which serves the township, and by extension the entire Chiefdom. The building, he said, is use for different purposes, ranging from Political to economic.

He said the donation is also part of their social and civic responsibility, because giving back to the chiefdom is paramount to all members of the Foundation.

Presenting the donation to the Paramount Chief, leading merchant of the Chiefdom, Kalilu Koroma aka high command, thanked his colleagues for such a good move. He referred to the gesture as “Sadakatu Jaria” which means that the reward will never stop even in eternity.

Koroma said payment will surely await each and every member of the group in paradise. He pleaded to other groups and individuals as well to follow suit. He urged the Government to help in urgently reconstructing their only Chiefdom Community Center.

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