SLRU wants salary increment for reporters


June 14, 2018

By Victoria Saffa

From left to right: President Amadu Lamrana Bah, Secretary General Ahmed Sesay &
Alhaji Manika Kamara

The executive and members of Sierra Leone Reporters Union (SLRU) yesterday held a general meeting to discuss issues ranging from improved conditions of service and payment of National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) contribution for reporters.

President of the Union, Amadu Lamranah Bah, said the executive was working assiduously to advocate for better wage and payment of NASSIT contribution for reporters.

He called on all reporters to join the union, adding that the number of reporters registered with the union was not encouraging, adding that more the reporters would give the union leverage to negotiate with heads of media houses.

He continued that most reporters in various media house are given stipend which is not even commensurate to the service they provide.

Bah said that the union would engage heads of media houses to see the need to increase the minimum wage of reporters,

Secretary General of the union, Ahmed Sesay, implored reporters to get serious with the union, adding that the executive could not embark on campaigns without their involvement.

“We are therefore calling on all reporters to be members of the union and complain to the union any media house that is paying less than the minimum wage,” he said.

Meanwhile, the union has co-opted some of their members to help the executive perform certain duties. They include: Victoria Saffa of Concord Times, Abdul Sillah of Unique News, Samuel Wise Bangura of AYV and Abdul Rahman Koroma of Salone Times Newspaper.