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SLRTC enmeshed in corruption

By Alusine Sesay

General Manager of SLRTC, Bockarie Lewis Kamara
General Manager of SLRTC, Bockarie Lewis Kamara

The Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation (SLRTC) has come under the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) spotlight, revealing massive corruption in their Review of Systems and Processes in the corporation.

The corporation, which is headed by Bockarie Lewis Kamara, is indicted in the ACC review report of not accounting for proceeds gathered from the sales of disposable assets, including 29 vehicles.

“Disposal of assets, specifically vehicles and scrap metals, were undertaken and 29 vehicles were disposed of and sold to the public. From our observations, proceeds from the sales of these unserviceable vehicles were not properly accounted for, as no record was shown to the review team for such payment,” revealed the report. “The procurement process was not entirely followed in the disposal process as the technical manager was not involved to evaluate the vehicles for boarding.”

The SLRTC procured 40 buses in 2011 in a bid to ease transportation within the city and to provincial towns and cities. Most of the buses have stopped plying the routes thus causing great discomfort to commuters in the city and passengers travelling to other parts of the country.

Yet, more buses are due to be purchased in excess of the 40 procured previously.

The review report further revealed that the corporation’s cash resources have not been properly managed for the past six months’ period and that the bank account balances over the period have been in consistent deficit.

“No quantifiable performance measure has been developed by the corporation to evaluate the effectiveness of its cash management systems. Account balance deficit can hinder cash management thereby leading to the collapse of the corporation,” noted the report.

The report, however, observed that the corporation runs the buses without subsidy from government thus recommending that government should intervene in that regard to complement the SLRTC.

The corporation, the ACC report revealed, does not undertake monthly bank reconciliation, which could make it difficult to monitor the cash position of the institution as a result of wrong debit or credit, as well as unaccredited lodging.

Again, it is disclosed that financial statement is not prepared in accordance with financial standards.

“There are no notes to account in the financial statements to provide clarification and additional information to the accounts, thus making it difficult for the review team to fully analyse the financial statement,” the report further revealed.

Management of SLRTC, however, responded that a detailed financial statement was being prepared to include notes to the account and calculations of depreciation method as approved by the Board of Directors.

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