SLRA pays Le 2.6bn compensation to affected property owners


February 22, 2021

By Jeneba A Conteh

Affected property owners receing payment from SLRA

The Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) has on Friday, 18th February, paid 2.6 billion compensation to Borboh-Tokeh and Funkya affected property owners. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Director of Asset Management at SLRA, Ing. Peter Kome said government has provided the funds for the compensation of the affected property owners, but that upon receiving their money, they should not erect any structure along the right of way. 

Ing. Kome explained that people are in the habit of illegally constructing structures along the right of way, a move he said has one way or the other hinders progress of road construction not only in Freetown but also across the country. 

He said encouraging people to construct structures along the right of way could cost government additional spending as contractors do charge government for idle time. 

He maintained that, he will not like to see a situation whereby after they have constructed the road people come and encroach on it, adding that should such happen, they will have no option but to demolish those illegal structures. 

The project manager Kaneh S.B Kuyemneh said the road has several components, and one among them was the compensation of affected property owners.

He noted that the compensation was for affected property owners and appealed to them that government does not have the resources to compensate everyone.