SLPU-USA supports Salone’s education sector


The Sierra Leone Progressive Union (SLPU) comprises a group of Sierra Leoneans from across the  country that are based in the United States of America providing educational supports to their country. With a membership of about 35 Sierra Leoneans, the organization has for the past seven years provided supports in the form of scholarships and materials, such as benches and desks to selected schools across the country.

“The end of this year will mark another important milestone in the history of the Sierra Leone Progressive Union. It will be our 30th Anniversary of giving back to our motherland, Sierra Leone,” says the Union’s Chairman, Dr. Mohammed S. Nabie.

It could be recalled in 1994, a group of well-meaning Sierra Leoneans living in the United States of America asked themselves, “What can we do for our younger generation in Sierra Leone that may have an everlasting impact on them and the country as a whole.” Their answer was simple, “…promote education in Sierra Leone.” It was from that moment that the Sierra Leone Progressive Union (SLPU) was born.

“We, the SLPU, believe that if we educate a child, we have educated a nation, which has proven to serve as a pathway out of poverty and adversity. We have given university students scholarships in the past with enviable outcomes,” Dr. Nabie said and furthered that they are currently embarking on desks and chairs program for schools (mainly primary schools) as a continuation of touching more lives at a faster rate in Sierra Leone. He noted that it is important to recognize that the sustainability of these programs have always been through the hard work of all the Sierra Leone Progressive Union members and its leadership.

“As the Chairman of this philanthropic organization, I am delighted and humbled by our accomplishments in supporting education in Sierra Leone. We will always continue to extend our supporting hands towards the advancement of educating the upcoming generation in Sierra Leone for years to come,” he said and continued by thanking their donors and well wishers for believing in their vision and helping the Union to achieve it over the years “We will continue to count on their supports,” he said. 

The Union donated 100 chairs and 50 desks to two Elementary Schools, RC Primary and AG Primary on May 15th, 2023 in Koindu Town, Kailahun District. “Our next donation in December will be in Makeni City,” the Chairman assured.

The Union Members have the desire to strengthen unity among themselves to work cooperatively to exploit their common interests, and improve their social, educational, and environmental welfare. “We strive to encourage all Sierra Leoneans in the USA and abroad to participate actively in this organization to promote education, cultural and social activities in Sierra Leone,” Union members said and added that the Union shall render moral, physical, and financial assistance to the eligible member(s) in the event of death, illness, accident, and/or other inevitable problems they may encounter. “The Union shall embrace any Sierra Leonean who demonstrates a desire and fulfills the requirements to become a member,” they assured.
The aims and objectives of the union are to promote unity, progress and mutual understanding among members, as well as all Sierra Leoneans, regardless of race, language, age and sex; to promote education, cultural and socioeconomic development of Sierra Leone; and to establish cordial relationship and communication with other organizations in the United States.


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