SLPP lawmaker urges more effort to fight Ebola


NOVEMBER 3, 2014 By Jariatu Bangura

Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) lawmaker and Deputy Whip has urged the people of Freetown to render more effort and support towards the fight against the Ebola disease as the death rate and new infections spike in the Western Area.

According to official figures released last Friday, the Western Area – Urban and Rural – has recorded 1,108 Ebola cases, doubling Kailahun and Kenema which were the two epicentre districts at the start of the outbreak.

Hon. Jusufu B. Mansaray commended efforts by the international community, but noted that despite the support, people have failed to adhere to health advises which is why the virus is on the rampage in the Western Area in particular.

“Freetown is on top of the list because people come in to buy stuffs and travel back whilst others spend most of their time here, even we lawmakers. The Freetown issue is our concern…Therefore we should put our efforts together to drive Ebola,” Hon. Mansaray urged.

The opposition whip lamented the level of discrimination Sierra Leoneans are being put through, adding that even lawmakers have not been spared from stigmatisation in foreign countries.

He commended health workers for their selfless efforts in carrying out their functions and urged that cases of sickness and deaths are reported as soon as possible to health officials.