SLPP Gov’t to implement EU EOM ‘priority’ recommendations


June 20, 2018

By Patrick Jaiah Kamara  

L-R: Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Alie Kabba and EU’s Jean Lambart

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP)-led government has assured the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Sierra Leone of their willingness to implement significant recommendations in the final report proffered by the mission following the conclusion of the Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections in March this year.

“Let me use this occasion to assure that your recommendations are well noted and my government is firmly committed to looking into them soonest,” said Dr. Alie Kabba, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dr. Kabba commended the EU EOM for the assistance they provided throughout the electioneering period and for putting together a ‘wonderful’ post-elections report.

The main focus of the EU EOM roundtable discussion was to commit participating organisations to the implementation of the recommendations, including consideration to be given to a legislative mechanism for increasing the number of women in Parliament and Local Councils; constitutional requirement for candidates to resign from public office;  revisiting the legal framework governing the registration of voters and to clarify which institution should be in charge of the voter register, among others.

Dr. Kabba noted that the work of the EU EOMn was a commitment to the political, social and economic development of the country, noting that “Truly, you observed dispassionately and our government values your commitment to the development of democratic institutions.”

The Foreign Affairs Minister also recommended that the EU move from traditional observation mission to conflict management especially when political parties experience election stalemate in electioneering period.

The EU EOM, which was led by Jean Lambart, deployed about 100 international observers across the country to monitor the 2018 multitier elections.

Meanwhile, in 2012 the EU EOM election report, the mission proffered 38 recommendations to the past government but unfortunately only one was fully implemented and nine partially implemented. The mission notes that the implementation of the other recommendations was largely prevented by the lack of resources, time and political will.