SLPP condemns Alie Bangura’s press statement


By Hassan G. Koroma

The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has in a press release condemned a press statement issued by Ambassador Alie Bangura, describing it as “a vain and disingenuous attempt to separate the leadership which represents the entire party”.

The release states that the leadership is part and parcel of the SLPP and that taking it to court was tantamount to taking the SLPP to court.

The release noted that it has finally dawn on Ambassador Bangura and others  in his camp that they are not only pursuing a losing battle in the Supreme Court, but are treading on a dangerous and suicidal political path.

“From the onset, it was clear that their ultimate goal was the Supreme Court and going to the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) was a legal ploy hoping to get a favourable outcome which would have strengthened their case in the Supreme Court. Sensing that their position at the PPRC was falling apart and they rushed to the court without waiting for the outcome of the PPRC investigation,” the press release said.

It continued that the PPRC report which eventually came out was both legally and political balanced and that one of the key recommendations was for both parties to present ten people, five from each side, for a reconciliatory process, adding that they submitted the names of their representatives, while Alie Bangura and his team refused to do likewise and avoided all well-meaning reconciliatory efforts.

According to the release, Ambassador Bangura’s shallow claim that the elections were fraudulent was laughable and an insult to the party and its membership.

“We at the SLPP are seized of the odious fact that these people are in league with powers that be to try to influence the court to rule not only in their favoor but get a court order to instruct the National Chairman/Leader and the National Secretary-General to conduct another election using the compromising Dr. Hindowa Momoh or the APC-favoured Minority Leader Mrs. Bernadette Lahai as election commissioner,” the release noted.

In addition, the press release further said that Ambassador Bangura’s request to the court to impose an injunction on the party’s leadership was preventing them from functioning and to be replaced by another appointed body to superintend the affairs of the party until the next National Conference, is a recipe for political disaster, anarchy and unconstitutionality.