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SLPP accused APC of ‘barbaric attack’ in Moyamba bye-election

March 7, 2016 By Mohamed Massaquoi

The Southern Regional  Chairman of the main opposition  Sierra Leone Peoples Party  ( SLPP)  has reported an alleged brutality perpetuated by members of the ruling All Peoples Congress, spearheaded by Member of Parliament representing constituency  086,  Hon. Amadu Kanu.

He described the act as ‘undemocratic and barbaric’ attack on some of his supporters during the just concluded local council bye-election in Ward 303 in Moyamba district.

Hon. Edward Soluku narrated that prior to the bye-election a stakeholders meeting was organised by the National Electoral Commission and political parties relating to how and when they should conduct campaigns.

He alleged that Hon. Kanu and his APC supporters were in breach of the rules and campaigned on days allotted to the SLPP.

“APC is an undemocratic and ruthless political party. The 18 and 21 February, 2015 was allotted to SLPP to conduct campaign in the ward, but Hon. Amadu Kanu took thugs from Waterloo and other parts of the country and stormed [the ward] and harassed our supporters,” he claimed.

“In   Moyah village, we saw a truck load with people. They placed the postal of their candidate and attacked our members. Five of the SLPP supporters sustained serious injuries,” Hon. Soluku further alleged.

He said a formal complaint was forwarded to the Section Chief Pa   Ansumana Caulker and that some police personnel were deployed in the village, but only protected the APC MP instead of addressing the situation.

“All of these intimidations prevented our people from coming out in their numbers to vote,” he claimed, adding that on Election Day police personnel were deployed in all polling stations to provide security for polling agents.

However, Hon. Kanu denied all the allegations, noting that it was the SLPP chairman that attacked his vehicle, vandalised it and beat the driver.

He claimed that was not the first incident in which Hon. Soluku and his men had terrorised his supporters, adding that he had filed a formal complaint to the police in Moyamba about the ‘vicious’ attack on him and his supporters.

“It is unfortunate that Hon. Soluku is coming out with such allegations. In the first place, it was the villagers who informed me that my boys had came under attack. Indeed, we ran out of food in Moyah village and I sent some men with the vehicle to purchase some foodstuff,” he said.

 “They were attacked while on their way to Moyah and the attackers vandalised the vehicle and catered away all the items. We had foodstuff, zinc and many other items carted away. I have already reported to the police and I hope this time, Soluku and his men will be brought to justice,” he concluded.

The APC won the bye-election.

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