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SLFA reacts to Curtis Davies Leone Stars interest

By Sahr Morris Jnr.

The media department of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) on Monday reacted to Hull City defender, Curtis Davies’ recent comment that he prefers playing for the Sierra Leone national team than England or Ireland.

The 29-year-old Hull City defender revealed that he may make himself available to play for Sierra Leone in the future after he admitted that his chances of being handed an England cap look slim.

However, the head of SLFA media team, John Konteh, said the Football Association (FA) will not jump into conclusion in taking a decision over the player’s statement from the press.

He said: “The player has not directly contacted the FA yet and we cannot jump into conclusion. However, it depends on the coach’s decision because he is the one who selects players for the national team. If the coach wants him then he will have the say.”

The defender, who on Sunday helped Hull City reached the FA final, admitted that he feels stronger ties to Sierra Leone, as he still has family from his father’s side living there.

“I’d never the shut door on anything,” he continued, with a nod to Ireland. “But I’m striving my heart to get in the England squad and after that Sierra Leone is my next country.”

“It would be difficult, but it would be a bigger option for me. The only thing is the African calendar and them playing African Nations in January.

“I’m not sure that would go down well with the gaffer, for me to go away for a month in January when we’ve got vital games in the Premier League. That’s what’s put me off with them.

“I’ve not been (over there). My dad has only been back twice, unfortunately because of bereavements. I’ve had contact with them before but before I retire, if I haven’t managed to live my dream and play for England, then I’ll definitely consider going over and playing for Sierra Leone.

“I’ve got family over there. My grandad’s still over there and my great uncle, people like that. If the African calendar was the same as the European calendar, it might have been an easier decision for me. I might have given up on England earlier, but I feel like I’m so close, but not close enough at the moment.

“I need unfortunate luck for someone else to get my luck. If I’m fifth or sixth choice for England, I don’t know, so I’d need some very good luck to get in there.”

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