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SLFA president in breach of 2012 FIFA Code of Ethics

By Sahr Moris Jnr.

Former Chairman of the Western Area Football Association (WAFA), who also once served as member of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), Alhaji Unisa Alim Sesay aka ‘Awoko’, over the weekend called on the SLFA president to step down from her position.

Awoko and Mrs. Johansen: much is expected of the FA boss
Awoko and Mrs. Johansen: much is expected of the FA boss

According to Awoko, ‘the slapping’ incident between Mohamed Kallon and Mrs. Isha Johansen has totally demonstrated that there is complete disunity in the country’s football, and for sanity to prevail, Madam Johansen must discontinue being president of the Football Association and Kallon suspended from the game.

He said: “This shows our football is in disunity and there is lot of malice in the running of the game in the country. For the good of the game, Isha Johansen must resign as president of the Football Association, while Kallon must be suspended.”

“Isha is a woman and the president of the FA, she must be respected no matter what. You cannot use abusive words against her. Kallon, on the other hand, is our football legend; even the President of the country has recognized him with one of the highest national awards. You cannot raise you hands against him in public,” Awoko said.

The call for resignation of the FA boss and suspension of Kallon by Awoko is in line with the 2012 FIFA Code of Ethics, and both officials may be in breach of the Code, which states: “The Code of Conduct applies to all members of the FIFA family, namely: Officials – officials are all board members, committee members, referees and assistant referees, coaches, trainers and any other persons responsible for technical, medical and administrative matters at FIFA, a confederation, association, league or club. FIFA employees, players, associations, members of associations, match officials, players’ agents and match agents as defined in the FIFA Statutes.”

Article 3.1 of the Code talks about ‘integrity and ethical behaviour, and reads: “We all behave ethically and act with integrity in all situations, keeping in mind that a reputation for integrity is of the utmost importance to FIFA and its objectives.”

Article 3.2, which talks about ‘respect and dignity’, states: “We treat everyone with respect, and protect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every human being.”

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