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SLFA president admits peddling match-fixing jibes

-‘I did it to discredit opponents’

By Sahr Morris Jnr. & Jariatu Bangura

President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), Mrs. Isha Johansen, yesterday told parliament that her decision to present to Sports Minister Paul Kamara documents relating to match-fixing was merely to discredit her opponents in the run-up to the August 3, 2013 elective congress that eventually earned her the SLFA presidency.

Madam Johansen and other SLFA executive members were in parliament following a summon by MPs six days after the Sports Minister had faced the well of parliament where he made scathing allegation against the current football administration.

On the allegation of match-fixing made by the Sports Minister, the SLFA boss said the minister must prove that the recent U-20 home match in Bo against the Black Satellites of Ghana was fixed.

She however admitted that she gave the minister a document containing match-fixing allegations.

“I did give [Paul Kamara] a document on match-fixing and that was before the [SLFA] election,” confessed Madam Johansen, who owns Premier League club FC Johansen. “I did that at a time when the heat of the election was on, that certain parties from the Rodney Michael [camp] were clearly involved in match-fixing…Maybe I should retract that because I can’t prove it; but there is an affidavit by players themselves sworn [one after the other].”

She told MPs that certain individuals were desperate to go into the SLFA because they were in the habit of match-fixing and wanted an opportunity to continue with their match-fixing business.

“You will agree with me that in any election everyone uses whatever trump card you have for your opponents to discredit them, and that was what I did. I also reported that to the [Anti-Corruption Commission],” she explained.

The SLFA president then asked: “Why is Paul Kamara only bringing the issue now? These things happened not in my era but in 2008, 2009 and 2010.”

According to her, the minister’s match-fixing allegation will have a negative effect on the country, stressing that the Ghana Football Association are not taking the minister’s comments lightly.

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