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SLFA in big turmoil?

 June 22, 2016 By Sahr Morris Jr.

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) is allegedly in a big turmoil over several issues ranging from financial dwindling to staff confrontation and other football related issues.

A source within the corridors of the Football Association (FA) secretariat Tuesday revealed that both SLFA accounts at ECOBank and Sierra Leone Commercial bank are ‘in the red’ and that such development has deprived workers to go for over two months without salary.

Also, it was revealed that former SLFA President, Justice Tholla Thompson, the man who is referred to as the brain behind current football academy structure which now house the FA secretariat at Kingtom, was prevented by the FA to grace the 2017 Nations Cup qualifiers between Sierra Leone and Sudan.

Furthermore, it was also revealed yesterday that a scuffle erupted between SLFA general secretary Chris Kamara and Media Officer Abu Bakarr Kamara, before they were separated by other staff.

The SLFA Media Officer declined to comment on both the bank account and the Justice Tholla Thompson incident, adding that the general secretary could be the best person to speak on both subjects.

He said: “Chris could be the best person to answer to both questions as he is directly involved. Since the finance officer was suspended, he has been in charge of finances.

“On the issue of fighting, it is totally false, we never engaged in any fighting but we had disagreement and did argue bitterly. This is normal in any setting people argue at times to disagree on issues for later agreement.”

Responding to the allegations, the SLFA scribe dismissed the Justice Tholla Thompson issue as irrelevant, adding that there are more developmental issue people should focus on rather than petty matters.

“This is clear and simple, Justice Tholla Thompson did not receive his ticket for the match so he did not attend. The man is like a god-father to me, he has been attending all functions of the FA and other matches. He even went to the dinner we organized.

“The other issues are news to me. I think there are more developmental issues we should focus on, not petty things,” the SLFA General Secretary said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Sports, Ishmael Al Sankoh-Conteh said he was baffled by news of Justice Thompson not being able to grace the Leone Stars versus Sudan match, adding that he was the one who issued two tickets to the SLFA General Secretary for Justice Tholla Thompson and another individual.

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