SLBA to prioritise youth boxing


February 6, 2015 By Sahr Morris Jr.

Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Boxing Association (SLBA), Christian Campbell, has disclosed that his association would this year give full priority to youth boxing across the country.

According to Campbell, they are going to lay more emphasis on upcoming boxers because they want to build a formidable boxing team for the 2020 Olympics and for several other international championships around the world.

“We want to start building a youthful and strong boxing team ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games. They boxers we currently have will soon past their best and age will not be in their favour by 2020, so we have to start work now,” Campbell said.

The SLBA scribe further revealed that despite the Ebola situation in the country, they are preparing to stage few competitions because their international federation, IBA, has asked them to introduce professional boxing this calendar year.

He said: “We now have three types of boxing: the IBA open boxing which has to do with boxers representing their countries in African regional and the world championship. Second is the IBA professional boxing – this involves fighting without head guards and it involves a six-round fight.
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“The third type is the IBA world series of boxing, which is just like how boxing clubs are run in Europe. Boxers around the world are recruited into clubs and they will represent those clubs in the WSB Championship and individuals ranking.”

Also on the boxing calendar for this year is the President Cup – a competition which is normally staged in the name of the current president of the association, Alfred Dura.