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SLAJ concerned over Tam-Baryoh’s health

NOVEMBER 5, 2014 By Moses A. Kargbo

SLAJ is deeply worried about the health condition of David Tam-Baryoh, who is presently detained at the Pademba Road prison on an “Executive Detention Warrant” signed by the President.

David Tam-Baryoh is a hypertensive patient whose blood pressure had risen to a level described by senior physician specialist, Dr. James Russell – who examined him in detention at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Tuesday morning – as a “hypertensive emergency”.

The medical doctor further advised that he be hospitalized to “avoid a hypertensive crisis”. In this regard, SLAJ is concerned that the Pademba Road prison does not have the medical facility to deal with his condition.

We therefore call on the authorities to respect David Tam-Baryoh’s health condition and to provide him with the required medical attention he deserves.

“Even under a State of Emergency, we must ensure that basic human rights of individuals are respected,” said SLAJ President, Kelvin Lewis.

Long Live SLAJ!

Long Live Press Freedom!!

Long Live Journalists and Journalism!!!

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