SL to host West Africa College of Surgeons meeting

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Clinical with Delegation from West African College of Surgeons

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Delegates from West African College of Surgeons are preparing to host an in-house training for Sierra Leonean doctors and surgeons in a bid of honoring its 64th Conference in the fortnight.

Professor Ezeome Emmanuel, President of the West African College of Surgeons, said their union happens to be the foremost surgical training institution the West Africa region could be proud of, with key focus on training more surgeons across the castles of sub-Saharan nations.

He said their service to Sierra Leone could not be overemphasized, especially towards the coaching of diverse specialised surgeons like thoracic surgeons, gynecologist, among others.

“We want to help Sierra Leone to be able to take care of their citizens,” Prof Ezeome said.

He said they would not just improve the knowledge of the doctors and surgeons in Sierra Leone, but also create awareness about their arrival and need about augmenting the country to the cloud height in terms of surgical training and impact.

Professor Ezeome added that they would be serving as drivers in bringing the world to Sierra Leone during the coming of their 64th Anesthesia conference in March 2024.

He said one of the blended benefits of having an in-house surgical training is the use of the available facilities and train more prospective doctors and surgeons in Sierra Leone, coupled with outreach programs in rural communities.

Dr. Thaimu Buya Kamara,  Local Organizing Chairman of  the West African College of Surgeons, said through the robust work of WACS, they now had over ten postgraduate residents for surgical training within the sub-regions of West Africa.

He assured that the 2024 conference would have an add-on effect to their operation. He thanked the Government of Sierra Leone for supporting their course through various means.

Dr. Mustapha Kabba, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health and a member of West African College of Surgeons, said the conference would bring together surgeons and doctors across the country in order to enhance new knowledge and training with special focus on different types of surgical and anesthetic services.

He encouraged Sierra Leonean doctors and surgeons to be enthusiastic and look forward to having a share of next year’s surgical banquet from WACS.


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