Skye Bank employee testifies in murder matter


By Jeneba A Conteh

Led in evidence by State Counsel, Aruna Jalloh, 7th prosecution witness in the preliminary investigations into the alleged murder of Sinnah Kai Kargbo, Maada Bundeh, an employee of Sky Bank, recalls that on the 16th October 2022, he got a telephone call from his boss, Managing Director of Sky Bank-SL, Ikubolaje Nicole, at around 7am.

He told the court that his boss informed him that he had an attack at home and asked him to meet him at Shuman Hospital. 

The witness continued that he boarded a motorbike for the hospital and that on his arrival at the Hospital, he met two nurses- a male and a female.

The witness said he explained to the nurses that his boss had asked him to meet him at the said hospital, but that he was told that his boss had left and that the corpse of the lady that died had been placed inside the vehicle.

Before long, the witness revealed that he saw the house help of the accused, Salifu, adding that he was told that the hospital hasn’t got any ambulance or mortuary. 

The witness said he called on his boss to inform him that he was at the hospital, but couldn’t find him.

He told the court that his boss informed him that he had gone to Goderich and that he and some of the domestic staff of the accused drove the vehicle where the corpse was placed to Columbia Davis Funeral Home where he provided the personal details of the deceased. 

The witness said he left for work after the deceased was placed at the funeral home.

 Later on, the witness said he met with the accused and defense counsel, Lawyer  Ronald Wright at Tengheh Town, adding that another lawyer, Anrite Thompson showed up.

He revealed that another individual named Sidney whom he revealed is an in-law to the deceased, also showed up. 

He told the court that Sidney drove him and others to mortuary where they also met with other relatives of the deceased.

He also disclosed that the relatives of the deceased insisted on seeing the accused person, adding that argument ensued between the family members and the accused. 

Before long, he said a police van came and the accused person was arrested.

He said the deceased had been the girlfriend of the accused since their days at college. 

During cross-examination, the witness disclosed that the accused went to Wilberforce to meet with the deceased’s mother. The witness told the court that the accused had earlier told him that he and the deceased mother had agreed to take the corpse to mortuary. 

He maintained that the argument at the mortuary was because the family members alleged that the accused did not take the deceased to the Shuman Hospital.

He narrated the level of intimacy between the accused and the deceased and further told the court that the deceased told him that a doctor had told her to cut down on certain things or she will die.

“She sent a text to me not to inform the accused about what we had discussed,” he added.

After cross-examination, the prosecution indicated that they may lead nine witnesses. Magistrate Marke Ngegba has adjourned the matter to Tuesday 17th January 2023. The accused remains in custody.


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