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Sierra Leone’s Auditor General delivers leadership lectures in Abuja

May 20, 2016

Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce, Auditor General of Sierra Leone, in her capacity as the current chairperson of African Organisation of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions (AFROSAI-E) had the honour of addressing her peers at the 13th Governing Board Meeting of AFROSAI-E held at the Transcorp Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria from 9 to 13 May, 2016.

In her address, Mrs Taylor-Pearce referenced this year’s theme: ‘Leadership Driving Action’, calling it timely and appropriate as a lot of valuable synergy had been expended by all in the august body to ensure that an effective and efficient leadership drives AFROSAI-E’s continental accountability process. To this end, she told her peers and audience that AFROSAI-E was proud to report that after over 13 years of existence it has an exemplary leadership that is capable of responding to the challenges posed to the accountability landscape. This growth in capacity, she said, would not only occasion enhanced and fruitful working relationship within Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) at national levels, but would also engender in other stakeholders in the accountability process greater action and commitment in the pursuit of the institution’s wider objectives.

The AFROSAI-E chair reiterated that as an accountability organisation, AFROSAI-E would continue to work assiduously towards the professionalisation of public sector auditors and accountants in Africa by working with and expanding its relationship with other professional bodies and institutions towards this end. Through the Executive Leadership Development and Management Development Programmes, She said, AFROSAI-E was capacitating and empowering the drivers of national accountability processes in various supreme audit institutions in AFROSAI-E’s member countries. In a bid to meet the challenges of the ever-changing and demanding accountability landscape, she went on, AFROSAI-E was also designing training programmes in line with the new UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mrs Taylor-Pearce encouraged her counterparts to urge their teams and other stakeholders into action by engaging them, striving to understand and respond to their country specific needs. She craved her peers to strive to be innovative in leadership of their respective national institutions, as only such would motivate the change that AFROSAI-E demands.

“The most effective and reliable way of increasing our employee and stakeholder’s satisfaction and confidence is by providing them with a more effective leadership in a bid to motivate them to be more effective and more responsible to their tasks. Let us drive our team by providing them with a clear vision of our purpose and direction and let us encourage team work and be ready to lead by example and be seen to be involved in the job,” Mrs. Taylor-Pearce said.

In his welcome address, Auditor-General for the Federation of Nigeria, Mr. Samuel Ukura stated that the role of Audit Institutions in public financial management systems has become dynamic and continues to be modified and expounded in response to emerging global development activities and events. To this end, he commended AFROSAI-E for providing a platform for cooperation among its 26 members and also for helping, through institutional strengthening initiatives, to reach the levels of audit performance necessary to justify their mandates.

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