Sierra Leoneans vent anger over Kamara’s racism row


NOVEMBER 5, 2014 By Sahr Morris Jnr.

Sierra Leoneans have vented their anger over racism allegations that were levied against Sierra Leone international midfielder, John Kamara, by the Greece Football Federation.

The Greece-based footballer last week reacted to Ebola stigmatization by displaying a T-shirt he was wearing underneath his jersey bearing the slogan: “We are West Africans. We are not a virus.”

The T-shirt also carried the colors of the three West African countries – Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia – that are hardest hit by the epidemic.

Kamara’s celebration saw him booked by the disciplinary committee of the Greek Football League, which accused him of violating its anti-racism regulations, but Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad frown at the allegations levied against the player by expressing their dismay through social media.

“I don’t think his reaction constitutes racism. His intentions are not to preaching racism. He is just a victim of circumstance,” commented Ibrahim Ann Kanu.

A comment by Beatrice Serry was blunter: “crazy fools,” she noted. And Samuel Serry Junior hopes FIFA will intervene.

The 26-year-old Kamara has had a personal experience in the hands of his own club as he was forced to stay away from the club’s – Lima – training grounds for three weeks after he returned from international assignment against Cameroon last month.

The club later rescinded that decision following uproar from the football fraternity, which enabled the player return to action, only to be caught in this latest controversy.

The player will face a disciplinary hearing on Thursday for anti-racism regulations, the Greek Football League Authority has said.