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Sierra Leonean lineage EPL duo collect cash to fight Ebola

NOVEMBER 13, 2014 By Sahr Morris Jnr

English Premier League duo with Sierra Leonean lineage – Curtis Davies and Liam Rosenior – are rattling buckets in Hull city centre were they are raising money to help fight Ebola in Sierra Leone.

The Hull City pair, who has family connections in Sierra Leone, wants to help in their own way and according to the Hull Daily Mail is raising funds to help thousands of compatriots stricken by the virus.

“It’s crazy what’s going on and I want to help out to try to raise a bit of awareness,” Curtis was quoted by the Hull Daily Mail.

“I’ve still got cousins and my uncle lives out there, so, obviously, it’s difficult. Touch wood, no one in my family has caught the virus, but my family has been directly affected, simply because my grandfather passed away three weeks ago and they couldn’t go to his funeral. That makes you stand up and take notice that you can’t even get into a country because of how bad a disease it is.”

The Hull skipper’s grandfather Charles, 79, died from natural causes, but the Ebola crisis meant none of his relatives from the UK could attend the funeral.

Liam, whose grandfather William James Rosenior was born in Freetown and lived there for most of his life, said: “It’s been a troubled country. My grandfather moved to England when he was in his 20s as an engineer in the RAF, but he always wanted to move back there.

“About 15 years ago, he was airlifted out of Freetown with my grandmother because the war started up again. In the last couple of years, positive things have happened and now for Ebola to have happened at this point is devastating for the country and the people. Anything me and Curtis can do to raise awareness and money is not a problem with me. If we can make a positive difference and change, I’m all for that.”

The players joined Hull’s Freetown Society, which has raised more than £9,000 since September.

The cash has gone towards providing clean water, chlorine tables and other items to improve hygiene and stop the spread of the disease in Freetown.

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