Sierra Leone swimmers stumble at first round


April 9, 2018 By: Sahr Morris Jr. in Gold Coast, Australia


Sierra Leonean swimmers Ishmael Koroma a.k.a. Stone Cold and Bunturabie Jalloh both failed to get pass their first hurdles in the Men’s 50m Butterfly and the Women’s Men’s 50m freestyle & Butterfly respectively.

The pair took the pool in their respective categories on Thursday April 5 & Friday April 6 respectively but was both unable to go beyond the first stage.

For Ishmael Koroma, in the Men’s 50m Butterfly Heat 1, the 19-year-old swimmer finished in seventh place from eight contenders with 28.73 seconds. Sam Perry of New Zealand won the Heat with an impressive 24.23 seconds followed in second and third places by Ekirikubinza Tibatemwa of Uganda and Dillon Gooding of Saint Vicente and the Grenadines.

Jalloh badly performed in her Women’s 50m Breaststroke Heat 1 to finish in 8 positions with 48.81 seconds behind the eventual Heat winner, Alia Atkinson, with 30.98 seconds, followed by Canadian Faith Knelson with 31.19 seconds and Welsh Chloe Tutton in third with 31.24 seconds. The Sierra Leone female swimmer was ranked 24th out of 24.

Meanwhile, Ishmael Koroma has been placed in Men’s 50m Freestyle Heat 1 alongside Faletiute Tinapa of Tuvalu, Duwaine Yon, Ben Dillon and Colby Thomas of Saint Helena and Finau Ohuafi of Tonga. The event will come up on April 9 at the Optus Aquatic Centre.