Sierra Leone sprinter wants answers over All African Games blunder


August 27, 2019

By Sahr Morris Jnr


Sierra Leone American based sprinter, Hafsatu Kamara is demanding answers to her question of not competing in the ongoing All Africa Games in Morocco.

Kamara, who is an Olympian and has recently represented Sierra Leone in all the major international games, was told she would not be pulling the country’s colour at the games in Morocco.

The disappointed sprinter posted on her official Facebook page: “Yesterday I was told I won’t be competing at African Games because they left my name off the athletes’ list. Why I don’t know.”

“It’s not just that my name was left out, it’s that there is no clear explanation as to why. I have led on for days believing I was still competing. Now I’m left trying to figure out how to salvage my season and not let my preparedness go to waste with no reason as to why my time and efforts were wasted in the first place. I’m just looking for answers.  I’m just looking for answers.”

The Sierra Leone Athletic Association scribe Abu Bakarr Sparky admitted there was a mistake made during the entering process, but cannot ascertain. He, however, explained that they are currently investigating what went wrong and actions to be taken against anyone found wanting.