Sierra Leone may lose part of Koinadugu district to Guinea


May 4, 2017 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Residents of Mongo Chiefdom in the Koinadugu District have expressed grave concern that Sierra Leone may lose Walia Village at the border point to the Republic Guinea, if measures are not put in place by the government to avert the situation.

Walia Village is located 85 miles away from Kabala Town, the headquarter town of Koinadugu District with extremely deplorable road network.

Chiefdom Speaker of Mongo Chiefdom , Kamaron Balla Marah and other local authorities expressed the fear during the launch of the People’s Planning Process by Fambul Tok International Sierra Leone.

 “We are very happy that Fambul Tok is here with a team of journalists and we are now going to use the opportunity to inform the government that if something is not done, Walia Village, which is the border point between Sierra Leone and Guinea is going to be taken over by Guineans, because many people in that village and it surroundings had never seen or use Sierra Leone money. All they are using is the Guinean currency,” Kamaron  Marah  said.

He added that all the dealings of people in that particular community were directed to Guinea.

“Even the food people eat at the village and it surroundings are bought  from Guinea, which is why we are worried  that if something is not done, Guineans might one day say the village belongs to them,” he stressed.

Councilor Balla Marah of Ward 152 in Constituency 44 in the Koinadugu District also expressed similar fear that something urgently needed to be done by the government, reiterating that people in that village would prefer the Guinean currency to the Leones ,if ask to choose one.