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Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital Provides Free Medical Treatment for Gbongboma Village

May 10, 2017


A group of 20 Chinese medical doctors from the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital (Jui Hospital) has on Saturday, 6th May, 2017, provided free medical services to local people of Gongboma village and its surrounding area, 7 miles from Bo City in the south of Sierra Leone.

The team was welcomed by huge crowd of patients that were awaiting the arrival of the Chinese doctors at the centre of the village.

The villagers who could be numbered over 300 including men, women and children benefited from the free medical services provided by the Chinese doctors whose specialty ranges from Anesthesiologist, Pharmacologist, Pediatrician and Gynecologic. The doctors treated patients with different kind of sicknesses.

Mariama Bangali, a heavily pregnant teenage mother said that she was very happy for the kind of treatment she has received from the Chinese doctors. Mariama noted that, she has been going to clinic but the care she received from the Chinese medical team was special.

“They checked me with a machine for the first time and I heard my baby in my worm breathing through the machine and they said I am okay and may deliver at any time from now.” she said with a broad smile on her face.

Head of the Gbongboma Hospital, Frances Mansaray said that, she was very happy for the visiting of Chinese medical team, because of the free medical treatment that they offered and that would help to reduce the rate of sickness within the Gbongboma community and further complement the work they were doing as nurses in the locality. She noted that they have been dealing with huge patients influx at the clinic and that most of the common cases reported were associated with infectious diseases like malaria, diarrhea and typhoid fever. She however pointed out that they were most time challenged with the non-availability of essential drugs in the hospital to treat some of sicknesses.

Dr Yellow, one of the Chinese medical team members said they were also very happy to be among local people and provide free medical services. He said their efforts were part of the continued supports the Chinese government was offering to the people of Sierra Leone.

Medical treatment was not the only services that were provided by the team, but they also distributed candies, biscuits, and juice drinks among the children and adult those were treated at the free medical event. The team leader also handed over huge consignment of drugs to the Gbongboma clinic as way to continue with the program to those that were not around at that time.

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