SFAMJACFUND encourages southerners to fight poverty through agriculture


February 19, 2015 By Alusine Sesay & Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sfano-Michael Jackson Children’s Development Fund (SFAMJACFUND), Sfano Njawa Sesay aka General  Sfano, has reached the southern regional towns of Bo and Njala in a bid to promote the essence of his group’s ‘Everybody Must Farm’ initiative to the people of Sierra Leone.

The ‘Everybody Must Farm’ initiative has received the attention of the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food security and its local and international partners as a positive means of eradicating poverty in the country through agriculture after Ebola.

The popular Michael Jackson of Sierra Leone was on Kiss 104 FM in Bo and Njala University Radio at Mokondeh, where he promoted unity among farmers and respect for farmers and farming activities in the country.

The pop star said the country has been suffering from poverty in the past years because people neglected their right to food sufficiency and food security, noting that such has to be considered for the development of the country.

He called on all to consider growing their own food in their homes and everywhere, to contribute to food sufficiency and security in the country.

Lecturer at the Animal Science Department of Njala University College, Roland Suluku, noted said that the ‘Everybody Must Farm’ initiative was a good idea as it could be a solution to eradicate poverty in Sierra Leone.

He noted that food was being produced in the rural parts of Sierra Leone but that more effort is needed to ensure food sufficiency. He observed that farmers are looked at in the country as poor and illiterate people, and that such idea would hopefully be abandoned by the ‘Everybody Must Farm’ initiative of SFAMJACFUND.

“Everyone’s involvement into the production of the food we eat will make others respect farming practice as a solution to the reduction of poverty and the enhancement of national development,” said Suluku.

Meanwhile, General Sfano has called on the United Nations to give their support to agriculture as supporting it could help eradicate poverty in Sierra Leone.