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Sexual harassment allegation at RCB: A ploy to bring down the reputation of an asset

Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB) is today one of the most progressive commercial banks in Sierra Leone as a result of reforms that were initiated and instituted by its current Managing Director, Dr Ekundayo Walton Gilpin, transforming it to become a very effective and efficient banking institution that regained the confidence of business owners, investors, traders and other corporate institutions in the country.

It is an open secret  that Rokel Commercial Bank was really collapsing due to poor management until this brilliant son of the soil was appointed as its Managing Director who wasted no time to inject sound policies that have led to this admirable transformation, evident in the opening of more branches even in hard to reach areas, the digitization of banking operations all geared towards scaling up financial inclusion.

Meanwhile, this man with a wealth of ideas which he uses to transform the already collapsed banking institution is suffering serious envy from some of his senior staff , who have taken interest in bringing down his reputation through unfounded allegation of sexual harassment.

Dr.Ekundayo is known to be a strict disciplinarian who does not mix business with pleasure and he could be hated for following due procedures at the anger of some people who hate to be reprimanded for wrong doings.

They strongly believe that they are above reprimand assuming that the Rokel Commercial Bank is their personal property and should be run according to their whims and caprices with one of them for a long time now enviously eyeing the position of Managing Director which he thinks he has the right to occupy.

As a result of his moral stands against any wrong dealings, some people within the bank has formed a cabal of witch-hunt against him, and to discredit him through an unsubstantiated allegations aimed at denting his integrity and portray him as a molester, a tyrant at the bank in very evil ways.

Like some civil servants who loath being transferred from one post to the other as a normal procedure, one of the senior staff orchestrating lies against the managing director was reported to have been transferred from the Treasury of the Bank to another post within the same bank and he is allegedly using the sexual harassment allegation as a means to take his pound of flesh.

These people are using the social media to spin their vendetta against the managing director, who has worked very hard over the years to build not only his reputation but the reputation of the Rokel Commercial Bank.

The managing director has over the years maintained a professional work relationship with his staff, including the one alleged to have been sexually harassed and it is the duty of the Board to fairly investigate the issue and establish the truth.

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