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‘Security still tight at Youyi building’

- staff aver to Concord Times

By Alusine Sesay

Some staff working for various departments housed at the Youyi building have told Concord Times that security at the building was still watertight with visitors subjected to proper screening. They were responding to a Concord Times report that security at the building – housing majority of government’s ministries – has been relaxed.

A senior employee of one of the ministries, Mohamed Kamara, said the Sierra Leone Police personnel deployed at the building were only responsible for manning the outside perimeter, protecting all government vehicles and controlling the entry of people, while Sabrena Security Agency guards were responsible for internal security of the building.

“The police should not be blamed for any internal intrusion or breakage. They are only in charge of the outside perimeter of the building,” Kamara insisted, adding that police personnel deployed at the building were not enough to police the entire premises and that the perimeter fence was too low in that intruders can easily evade police scrutiny.

He urged the authorities to increase the height of the perimeter wall to forestall attempts by criminals to illegal enter the building.

“There is need to increase the number of police personnel at the building. The perimeter wall is also cause for concern; government should critically look into some of these issues so that security can be enhanced in the building,” he called.

Kamara commended the police for being robust by making sure that all visitors entering the Youyi building are subjected to proper security screening.

Recently, the Sierra Leone Police fortified the entire building with modern security equipment as part of its robust security strategy in dealing with the threat posed by the Somali Islamist group, Al-Shabaab, of attacking the country.

Meanwhile, it was earlier disclosed by the officer-in-charge of security at the Youyi building, Abu Bakarr Kallon, that after the Al-Shabaab threat, President Koroma summoned the Inspector General of Police, Francis Munu, to review the current security strategy of the SLP and to put in place robust mechanisms that would ensure the protection of all public buildings and installations from any terrorist attack.

He said the SLP top brass had an Executive Management Board (EMB) meeting where they decided on using modern security equipment to deal with any potential terrorist threat to the country.

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