Seawright Mining Pays Two Chiefdoms 


July 19, 2018

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As part of their commitment to the people, Seawright Mining Company has paid compensation to land owners in two chiefdoms.

The two chiefdoms-Goroma Menda and Nimiya chiefdoms- received their package on 17th July, 2018 at the company’s site.

Before handing over the cash to the landowners, Human Resource Manager of  Seawright Mining Company, Sia Josephine Aruna, thanked  land owners for their presence and commitment, stating that through them they were able to operate as a company.

She emphasised that the company was still in exploration stage, but noted that such will not stop them from compensating land owners.

She thanked them for their support since the company came into existence and prayed for the relationship to continue.

She spoke about the good intention of the company’s head, Dr. Alfred Seawright, for the people of both chiefdoms.

Madam Aruna explained that the company was committed to the people, hence they were ready to fulfil in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at all times.

Some of their CRS, she said include construction of schools, school feeding program, donation of computers, and construction of bridges, roads among others.

He said they were doing a transparent practice and that their doors were always open to the community for dialogue as the people were very important to them.

He disclosed that Le 140, 000,000  was given to the two chiefdoms- Le 70,000,000 to Nimiya chiefdom which was received by the Paramount Chief George Bockrie Torto,while Goroma Mende received Le 70,000,000, which was divided among land owning families of Le 5,000,00 each.

After receiving the money on behalf of Nimiya chiefdom, Paramount Chief George BockrieTorto, said they were very much pleased with the work of Seawright Mining Company in the chiefdom.

He cited some of the development strides taken by the company in his chiefdom such as the cold room project, donation to schools, and construction of bridges, among others.

He said they hope and pray the company will get their license as quickly as possible to start full scale mining, noting that the money was not matter but the relationship was the key to them.

 Goroma Menda Chiefdom Speaker, Joseph Songu Koroma, thanked Seawright Mining Company for their support.

He noted that the company will succeed and encouraged them not to worry about the past. He also spoke about the bridge which is under construction by Seawright Mining and the schools they have constructed.

“We are ready to work with Seawright Mining Company.”

He also called on the Company not to forget them as they are seeing the good work they are doing in the two chiefdoms.

Beneficiaries were pleased with the gesture and thanked the company for giving them such amount of money and prayed for the success of the company and the owner.