Seawright Mining Hands Over State Of The Art Cold-Room To Nimiyama


February 22, 2019

sea chief

Chief Executive Officer of Seawright Mining Company, Dr. Alfred Seawright, has handed over a state-of -the -art cold room to the people of Nimiyama Chiefdom, Kono District.

The colourful ceremony which took place in the chiefdom on February 20th ,this year, brought together different stakeholders, who described the project as one of their biggest dreams that had come true.

Dr.Alfred Seawright thanked the Chief for giving him an open hand and noted that the company did not undertake individual projects, but one that would benefit the entire community.

He pointed out that they were undertaking more of community development projects.

Both chiefdoms in which they are operating, he said, made request to them and one of it was the provision of a cold room.

He promised to do the same in the other chiefdom, but pointed out that that the next one will be more advanced than the current one.

Dr.Seawright said he felt very comfortable with the honorary chief position bestowed on him.

Some of the facilities which were added to the cold –room included CCTV  camera-in and out of the complex, 1,000 cartoons of fish, two standby generators, three months diesel and a three months’ salary to staff among other support.

The company further trained 9 staff to manage the cold room.

Giving the purpose of the gathering, Paramount Chief George BockarieTorto of Jaiama Sewafe, described the event as something very special to the chiefdom

While he was giving a background about his early encounter with Seawright  Mining Company CEO,P.C. Torto  said the project came about through the diligence, sacrifice, passion and fulfilled promise of Dr.Seawright.

Giving a brief background about  the Nimiyama Fisheries Project, Saa Moigua, said the program made them to realise that there was a difference between intelligence and wisdom.

“For a company to put other people’s interest at the centre of their business means a lot. If you want to do any successful investment, contact Dr.Seawright. The Chief threw his seed on a fertile ground which is Seawright,” he said.

He promised on behalf of the chiefdom to manage the cold-room to the best of their ability and to make sure the company’s effort did not go in vain.
Constituency 022 Honourable Tom Tucker described that day as one filled with jubilation in the constituency and thanked  the company for the goodies.

“I know what it means to put and develop such company as I was part of the mining business for so long but what brother Dr.Seawright has done one could hardly come across,” he said.

He ended by saying it was an opportunity for them to do more with the management to put their strategy together.
National Mineral Agency (NMA) representative, Edward, said the day was an important one especially for them that are working in the mining industry.

He said the project was one of the biggest and that such was one of the benefits of mining in the country.

“This structure will continue to remain after the mining. The company is on exploration stage and it is not incumbent on them to do such thing.
It is because we accepted them that was why they are doing what they are doing today.
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I believe if we continue to give them the support and for them to graduate to full scale mining, this community will develop,” he said.