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School pupils, communities sensitized on teenage pregnancy, early marriage

June 8, 2017 By Victoria Saffa


As a way of eradicating teenage pregnancy, early marriage and rape, Her Fullness of Life for Children’s Management Program, has on Monday conducted a day’s sensitization match with pupils from different schools in the east-end part of the city.

The program was supported by Misean Cara Ireland and NLW Germany.

The “Fullness of Life for Children Management Program” was derived from the Gospels of St John “I come that they may have life and have it to the Fullest” (John 10:01).

Speaking during the sensitisation, Coordinator for the Project, Sr. Rita Chiedu Ogbusu, who is also a Missionary Sister of the Holy Rosary, said the purpose of the awareness and sensitisation campaign was to educate the entire community and pupils on the negative effects of teenage pregnancy, early marriage and any other forms of child abuse.

Sr. Rita O.  Ogbusu said it has been proven that teenage pregnancy was one of the highest forms of child abuses in Sierra Leone, noting that there were many cases of irresponsible sexual activities that gave rise to child mothers and fathers.

 “My heart bleeds seeing and witnessing the cases of abandoned children and many others roaming the streets of Freetown. As result, I decided to do something no matter how little. I started campaigning against teenage pregnancy, girl-child marriage and other forms of child abuses by organizing a meeting with stakeholders of the communities,” she said.

One of the pupils from St. Benedict’s Catholic Junior Secondary School, Morris Abu, said the sensitisation match was meaningful and that it would help parents and guardians to deal with the highlighted issues properly.

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