SALPOST to go nationwide


January 16, 2017 By Ibrahim K. Turay

Deputy Minister of Information and Communication has spoken about the modalities put in place by the government to improve on the Sierra Leone Postal Service (SALPOST) and ensure that it services was extended nationwide.

Sierra Leone used to enjoy the services of SALPOST in sending and receiving money and gifts from citizens, both at home and abroad but such services have not been effective for the past 10 years because of the lack of modern equipment.

During the weekly press conference at the Information Ministry last Thursday (January 12), Cornelius Deavoux said the government was currently renovating the offices of SALPOST in the provinces.

He disclosed that the institution’s offices in Bo, Kenema and other parts of the country were now operational and that SALPOST was working assiduously to ensure that it services go digital.

“The digital services of SALPOST will pave the way for people overseas, especially America to send goods or money to their relatives in Sierra Leone. SALPOST can be able to deliver goods to people who buy them in Freetown from the provinces,” he said.

Mr. Deavoux reiterated government’s  commitment and determination to providing more jobs as well as improving the welfare of the citizenry, especially the youth.

Chairman of Cyber Security Agency, Dan Parkinson, dilated on a new media campaign they have launched code named: “Say no to the negative use of new media. He revealed that at the end of January, they will start the implementation of a national informative media agenda, while calling on all sierra Leoneans to join the fight against the misuse new media.