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Salone youngster in transfer tussle

April 9, 2015 By Sahr Morris

Sierra Leone striker Mohamed Buya is presently facing a transfer turmoil in Sweden as the 20-year-old is no longer interested to play for AFC United but rather Syriac IF in the second division league.

With the Swedish transfer window now closed, there is doubt as to where the striker will play after he made it clear he is not ready to play for AFC United – the team he is currently on dispute with over a move.

The forward since last week had been training with Syriac IF and it is believed that he wants to join the club after he had contacts with his countrymen Samuel Barlay, Sheriff Suma and Ibrahim I.K. Fofanah – who all played for the red and yellow.

“Buya trained with us and we are interested in him and he wants to play for us. But the state he is in now is locked,” says Kristoffer Lövberg, one of Syriac’s managers.

“The only thing we know is that he has been up in a dispute with his former employer. It would be possible to apply for an exemption for a transition outside the transfer window in such a case. We do not know what the outcome is, or if no decision was taken in the present situation. It is only the involved parties who have that information.”

Syrianska head coach Donald Granath, who wants the striker in his squad before the league’s commencement, said: “I can only speak about the sport. Yes I am very interested to see Buya with us. He trained with us and looked very happy together with his compatriots in the squad. He did a lot of goals and looked interesting.”

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