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Salone Ranked 10th in Tokyo Opening Ceremony

July 26, 2021

By: Sahr Morris Jr in Tokyo

With Support from: Bockarie Alieu and Eric Fomba in Tokyo 

Team Sierra Leone has been rated amongst the top 10 best dressed Nations in last Friday’s 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremony in Japan.

In a very different way from what all had imagined, athletes from the 205 National Olympic Committees and the IOC Refugee Olympic Team, paraded under one roof together in the Olympic stadium joyfully showcased their national colours as the nation’s flag singled from one end to the other by the flag career.

The opening ceremony parade had always been one which the participating countries used to pay homage to their national colours while also looking stylish and keeping the athletes’ comfort in mind.

For the past Olympic Games, the rating of nations during the parade has attracted more attention with more media institutions drawing their own chart of best and worst dressed teams.

New York bases fashion website ranked Sierra Leone as the top 10 best fashion dressed and they stated:“Each nation, of course, brought their colour to the ceremony. Some wore elaborate gowns and headpieces and suits. Some, like the athletes from Bermuda, wore … Bermuda shorts. And others wore nothing at all on top. The Ukrainians donned yellow fanny packs. Sierra Leone had the best tracksuits. And I’m considering stealing the dresses worn by the women of Croatia. There were also some designer fashions in the crowd. Telfar Clemens, the man behind the “Bushwick Birkin,” made some pretty incredible uniforms for Liberia. Plus, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren once again did the looks for their respective countries. (Although they weren’t standouts, I must say.).”

Australia based media, Brisbane Times and the Age both ranked Sierra Leone in 10 place with a maskless Team Kyrgyzstan as the top-ranked followed by Team Bermuda, Team Cook Island, Team Bahrain, and Team Congo as the top 5.

Sierra Leone paid homage to the country’s flag in green, white and blue, patterned sweatsuits. 

During the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil, America based institution,  USA Today sports ranked Sierra Leone attire as the 17th best outfit in the parade.

 The delegation was dressed in an all designed African attire that portrays the country’s national colours. The beautifully designed African outfit is dominated in blue and white cotton while the front is well-tailored with green threads.

They were also rated as the second best dressed West Africa Nation behind Benin in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony at the Maracana Stadium in Brazil.

Credit: Ministry of Sports/National Sports Authority & National Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone

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