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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Salone pull-out of tour du Togo

President of the Sierra Leone Cycling Association, Winston DC Crowther, has confirmed that Sierra Leone cyclists would not be competing in the 23rd edition of the Tour du Togo.

The tour organisers were waiting for confirmation from Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Gabon. President of the Togolese Cycling Federation, in a press conference to launch this year’s tour, also confirmed they were expecting the three nations to participate, but Sierra Leone has officially pulled out of the tour.

No reason for Sierra Leone’s pullout was explained by Crowther, but said there are other tours they are planning to attend.

He said: “We will not participate in Togo but we are planning to compete in the cyclist tour of Benin from May 13 to 18 and tour of Mali from June 3 to 7.”

Meanwhile, nine countries have already confirmed their participation in the 23rd edition of the Tour du Togo which will commence on 14 April with cyclists expected to cover a total distance of 1,319 km, including 506 km of transhipment. The race ends on 20 April at the beach of Lomé.

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