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Salone commercial bank wins AWOL best financial institution

January 10, 2018 


The Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) has once more proved to the nation that it is second to none in terms of providing quality, reliable financial services to the nation. The bank was recognized and rewarded at the end of last year’s National Achievements Awards held by All Walks of Life (AWOL) at the Bintumani Hotel in Aberdeen, Freetown.

Many people The Satellite spoke to stated that they are not surprised by this latest accolade garnered by SLCB; mentioning that over the immediate past years, SLCB has bagged series of awards related to quality and performance.

Receiving the prestigious award, Managing Director, Alooma Kamara, said he dedicated the AWOL award to the bank’s board, management, staff and customers who he said make up the strong chemical mix that makes SLCB growing from strength to strength.

“We dedicate this achievement to our customers for their custom and loyalty to the brand and our committed workforce for their devoted and diligent service. We thank God for His grace and blessings,” Managing Director, Alooma Kamara receiving the award said.

Coming out of turbulent financial waters, led by the former Managing Director George Taylor, SLCB not only successfully came out of the red to recording record incomes.

In the drive to modernize its operations to make it seamless, fast and very customer friendly, SLCB has been investing a lot in new technologies, staff trainings and improving motivation through better salaries and conditions of service.

SLCB which has stood the test of time since its establishment in 1972 continues to strive to serve the community by opening new branches to reach the unbanked as well as introducing innovative products and to keep improving.

Managing Director Alooma Kamara maintains that SLCB has a mission to make service better across the country in terms of continued investment in technology and people. Now, he added, is time for rolling out of the good things the bank has incorporated that make banking easier.

Some of the products the bank and its branches across the length and breadth of the country has for customers including provision of forex for traders who shuttle between regional countries and loans for teachers and workers who receive their salaries through the bank to be able to buy basic consumer goods and services.

What distinguishes SLCB is that it offers customer 100 percent security for their monies, having never gone insolvent, even during the ten years rebel war when it was the sole financial services provider the nation relied and depended on.

The leading financial services provider, Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Limited (SLCB) is the largest commercial bank in Sierra Leone. Established in February 1973, SLCB provides a full range of banking and financial services to corporate institutions and the general public. Our commitment to excellence in service delivery is guided by a set of core values and principle.

Customers can sign up for internet banking and use the bank’s ATM card services that enables one to bank anywhere anytime. SLCB also transfers funds both locally and internationally. It also offers depositors and business people very competitive interest rates and bank charges.

SLCB has financing options for Small Businesses. It works with small business owners or entrepreneurs to provide structured financing for start-up or small enterprise, whatever you need a helping hand with. Range of options SLCB offers to help you grow your business includes:

Flexible loans; Overdrafts; Cash-flow finance and Lines of credit

A leading financial services provider, SLCB’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is built on best practices. SLCB is committed to investing in social programmes in education, sports and environmental challenges for communities countrywide. Its community engagement initiatives are focused on, but not limited to, the following areas:

Health – SLCB is committed to supporting efforts aimed at combating health issues. To achieve this, it partners with local organizations to promote awareness of health issues and providing financial support to projects that fit the Bank’s CSR Strategy.

Education – SLCB’s intervention ranges from providing scholarships, support in school materials and infrastructural development. Adoption of deprived schools in poor rural communities is undertaken on a case by case basis.

Community – As the ‘People’s Bank’, SLCB’s goal is to have a lasting impact on the communities involved, with a blend of corporate financial contributions with in-kind giving (donations) and volunteering service of our staff who take part in community volunteering.

SLCB, apart from being the most profitable in the country, is also the bank with the largest asset base and customers. Mr. Kamara and his management are working towards making the Bank fully automated. Very soon SLCB will be reaching the unbanked fulfilling its financial inclusion agenda. Several innovative digital products are being worked on distinguish it from others in the market.

The People’s Bank in its drive to be the most competitive in the market, has embarked on an intense staff training and staff exchange programme with reputable banks abroad. Members of Staff are now being sponsored to undertake the chartered and certified banker course (ACIB) so that public confidence can be overwhelmingly won from the highly qualified, professionals with a detailed knowledge of the modern banking sector and its ethical and professional requirements.

IdrissaAlooma Kamara, an MBA Finance graduate from the University of Leicester and; a Chartered and Certified Accountant has a wealth of experience in retail banking, wholesale lending, business process improvement, finance, business strategy, banking, corporate finance, mergers, risk management, analysis and leadership, etc; is the fittest to steer the ship in its right direction. His continued staff consultations to not miss the point in executing its digital road map and staff being trained as professional bankers will see SLCB continue to remain as the power house of banking in Sierra Leone.

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