S/Leone braces for imminent mobile tariff increase


The Leones has depreciated by over 100 percent over the past year. Fuel prices have significantly increased. EDSA, the electricity provider increased tariffs by nearly 100% recently to match inflation. The global economy continues to put pressure on goods and services everywhere. In this context, the country is bracing for the inevitable increase in mobile phone and data tarriffs but  amidst this cloud, a new player emerges on the scene, challenging the status quo and fighting for the interest of the ordinary citizen.

Minister Salima Monorma Bah- the young dynamic minister of Communications, Technology and Innovation.  Not just a title on a doorplate but a voice that echoes the concerns of every Sierra Leonean. With a tech-savvy mind and legal prowess, she stands tall, questioning the winds of change, ensuring that they don’t blow away the rights of her people.

The word on the streets might speak of higher tariffs, but Minister Bah is advocating for a humane approach. She understands the pivotal role of communication in today’s age, especially for those in the remote corners of our nation. To her, access to communication isn’t just a luxury; it’s a right. A drastic hike in prices might mean severing the only line of connection many have.

Rolling up her sleeves, Minister Bah is actively seeking concessions from service providers. It’s a negotiation not for the faint-hearted, but with NATCA by her side, she’s determined to find a middle ground. A ground where Sierra Leone’s economic realities meet the needs of its people.

This isn’t just about numbers or tariffs; it’s about people, connections, and a young minister’s resolve to keep her nation linked. With Minister Bah at the helm, Sierra Leone isn’t just bracing for change; it’s actively shaping its future.

President Bio discovered a gem for the people of Sierra Leone when he chose Salima Monorma Bah as minister for Communications, Innovation and Technology.


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