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Rokel headman accused of land grabbing

By Matthew Jabby

Land grabbing is on the increase in Rokel village, just outside Freetown, reportedly perpetrated by a group of residents.

An aggrieved landowner and resident of Rokel, Mohamed Tunde Koroma, told this reporter that 94 acres of land was assigned to him by his late grandmother, Ya Alimamy Kamara, due to his obedience. He disclosed to because he could not take care of the vast land at that time due to immaturity, he requested assistance from Sallu Bah, Jah Bah, Pa Alimamy Kassint and other members of the community to look over the land.

He revealed that Sallu Bah who is the current headman of Rokel has instead taken over the entire land, selling parcels of it without his consent. He said the trio often dismiss him whenever he brought the land issue up, insisting that they are elders in the town and have the right to whatever they want with the land. He claims they would call him a stranger because he was not born in the town, and have even attacked him.

He called on Lands ministry officials to intervene in the matter and declare his right over the lands.

However, in an interview with this reporter, headman Sallu Bah dismissed the claims of Tunde Koroma as the rightful owner of the land in question, and challenged him to sue him to court if he is sure about his rightful ownership of the land. He retorted that Koroma is a stranger in the village, as he was not born in Rokel, and thus has no legitimate claim such vast acres of land.

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